The unique proposition of DALI control apps for LED is, that you are able to provide ideal illumination, quick and easy adaption of lighting to your specific needs. GUI interface from iLumTech lets you customize the color of your lights from across the spectrum, adjust the intensity and color temperature. You can choose from predefined scenes or create custom ones, already created scenes you can edit and change your settings anytime later.


Available icons help you distinguish between created groups easily

However, we have added a few new functions that move lighting control system at a higher level. The aim is not only to create optimal working conditions but also ensure correct amount of light at the right time via Human Centric schedules to make easy to. Another advantage is to have lighting conditions of the chosen place under control. That´s why Human Centic Lighting has enormous potential for energy saving.


Timers function is a feature connected with HW and FW update of DeeBridge and BlueBridge DALI control app. Each timer is defined by its label and the days in week when it is active. You can choose the group you would like to control and set the time when the selected command should be sent. In the dialog for adding a time step you will see a graph with actual points, clock for setting up the time and sliders for changing the brightness and CCT. The position of actual point on the graph changes whenever you change time or brightness/ CCT values. Created timers can be independently enable or disabled by pressing play/stop button next to them.

Enjoy your new lighting conditions!


The current version of DeeBridge and BlueBridge DALI controll apps can be downloaded here free of charge.

“Trends and Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions” was the major topic of LpS 2016, exhibition which takes place every year in Bregenz, Austria. It was not easy to choose an exhibition stand’s design which would present information about our company in an aesthetically-pleasing way. It´s appearance had to appeal to about 1,500 lighting professionals. However, our experts succeeded in achieving an illustrative and visually clear exhibition design concept.

iLumtech’s seasoned in-house designers have found fair balance between form, function and budget and designed effectively organized, user friendly and eye-catching solution which provides a visually appealing form to display information in a readable way.

3Modification of layout and shapes

When you think of lighting system, wiring diagram is one of the things that comes to your mind. That´s the reason why wiring scheme became the main motif of iLumtech’s stand. However, finding the way how to clearly demonstrate our technologies wasn´t the only problem. Another challenge was, solving a problem with fixing DALI devices. However, we proved ourselves that lucid minds generate a fresh ideas.


Devices hidden inside of exhibition stand

Using modern materials and artistic expertise we created a design, that presents our innovations and message instantly throught a simple colour scheme with graceful curved line. That´s why communication of iLumtech´s smart technologies for lighting innovations at our stand looks so pleasant and visitors wants to interact.



From render to reality

Ilumtech solutions that follow global trends, focus on energy efficiency and cost reduction will be available to admire at upcoming exhibition in London.






IMMA is the latest urban LED luminaire developed in iLumtech and manufactured by OMS Lighting ltd. Innovative in performance, IMMA features unique optical system provided by a single silicone lens. There is a variety of lenses offering different beam angles, ready to use.

This design oriented lumiaire is extremely compact in size, ideal for urban enviroments. The designer  Anton Zetocha focused on dynamic shapes and curved lines. The free-form shape of the luminaire is only possible due to the unique lens system, because of its compact size. While using this technology, the designer has significantly more space in creating curved surfaces as to oposed to common flat PCBs with LEDs, requiring larger volumes. The design was developed in stages from sketches, 3d models to a full size styrofoam mock-up for evaluation. In later stages of the project, we used our in house 3D printer capability  to create full size functional prototype for testing.

Succesfull cooperation with our mechanical designers was crucial for the transformation of the complex design proposal to a functional two shell aluminium body, fulfilling all requirements of a street luminaire.

The IMMA luminaire is a testimony to excellent cross department cooperation at all stages, blending first sketch of this product to the final, production grade result.

Photos by archiv iLumtech and Miroslava Demeterova


designer Anton Zetocha



Evolution of shape




Mockups confrontation



Final product







I have been very fortunate to visit the east german city of Dessau recently, where the most famous buildings of former Bauhaus school are situated.  Restored and in excellent condition, the buildings of Bauhaus school designed by Walter Gropius  are impresive.  Soon, we ll be celabrating the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, yet the buildings feel very contemporary, they did not aged hundred years. The moderism concept is still valid today, utilising rational design, human ratio and superior materials that last. One can dispute the purity and emotionlessness of the modernist architecture and designs, but that is a matter of preference in art, what do we actually  seek. If we look back what was around 100 years ago, then this radical artistic approach in solving peoples needs via quality architecture is groundbreaking. The buildings are there to fullfill basic human needs, and they do the job great! All the extras has to come with you, with your emotions. Nothing is added here to the basic structure and nothing can be taken out. Pure form one might say.

01Bauhaus building in Dessau, build 1926

Today you can visit the Bauhaus as a visitor. The buildings are carefully restored and some sample interiors are preserved, for example the directors office of Walter Groppius or dormitory room of Marianne Brandt. One can take a tour with a guide or simply walk truough the halls uninterrupted.  Original interiors are enhanced using colour schemes designed originally in Bauhaus. Color theory was applied and it has a great efect in orientation and enhancing the percieved volumes of the rooms.

11Bauhaus students dormitory balconies, the only round edges at the building

02Entrance to the great lecture hall  (Festsaal)

08One of the famous  Bauhaus color schemes

06Bauhaus Festsaal lighting fixtures designed by Max Krajewski

07Ceiling lighting fixture designed by Marianne Brandt

10Bauhaus exterior lighting fixture designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld

The same approach is applied in the Meisterhäuser, the dwellings of the professors nearby the main building. Designed in the same time as the main building by Groppius, they are a combination of home and studio for the professors. They are part of the Bauhaus musem and are open to the public. The architecture represents again  the pure form needed to shelter a human being from the outside, without any creme added.  Back in 1926 the volume of space in the houses was luxurious.  Famous inhabitants of the houses were the professors, for example Wassily Kandinskij, Paul Klee and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy.

05Meisterhäuser in Dessau

04Meisterhäuser backyard

I can only recommend visiting the Bauhaus facilities, a most impresive visit.


Photos by Elena S.

Thanky you!

featured01iLumtech DeeBridge  on a smartphone

After succesfull launch of Dee Bridge and Blue Bridge DALI controll apps  for LED lumiaires,  we take a look on the design proces of the latest GUI interface from iLumtech. The creative force behind this latest release is iLumtech talented designer Ms. Miroslava Demeterova.  In charge of the development of  GUIs visual appearance for iLumtech controll apps, her unique style and special touch for detail  led to a series of layouts with a difference.  Incorporating clever concepts such as the star constellations representing groups of LED luminaires is a trademark of  her work.

02 iLumtech DeeBridge

The focus in designing GUIs is on intuitive appearance of multiple functions. Tough complex in nature of the controll application itself, the layout has to be understandable for  users regardless of culture or the level of technical background. It simply has to work without doubt from day one.

03 iLumtech BlueBridge

 A succesfull packing of functions in a user friendly GUI is a teamwork effort.  Designer is supported by the software developer technician. This  cooperation is happening in iLumtech labs and there is a constant search for upgrades in user friendliness.

04iLumtech GUI designer Miroslava Demeterova at work

Work ins currently under way on a new series of  GUIs for luminiares controll applications. We arelooking forward to see new designs from Miroslava in our tablets and smartphones very soon.


The current version of DeeBridge and BlueBridge DALI controll apps can be downloaded here.




A short photo report from Light & Building 2016 trend section, bringing you the latest selection from lignting design most trendy products. The exhibit was  divided into four sections: 1. Liberal & manifold; freely combined ideas and original designs, 2. Progressive & decorative; showcasing innovative developments in lighting, 3. Ingenious & significant: showcasing minimalistic solutions, 4. Pristine & desirable; poetic designs inspired by nature.

IMG_2499A look inside the exhibition.IMG_2500Florensis, designed by Ross Lovegrove, manufactured by Artemide IMG_2505In the Wind Floor, designed by Arihiro Miyake, manufactured by Nemo

IMG_2502Sparks, designed by Daniel Becker, manufactured by Quasar HollandIMG_25013D printed luminaires desigend by Studio Eberwein, manufactured by Purmundus

IMG_2510Mrs. Q wall lamp manufactured by Jacco Maris

IMG_2511Pilke 28, deigned by Tuukka Halonen, manufactured by Showroom Finland

IMG_2508Tape Wall Linear, manufactured by Formagenda

IMG_2506Falling, manufactured by Tobias Grau

IMG_2513Bronze color pallets are one of emerging trends this year.

Wonderfull new designs of wooden lumiaires have been unveiled on the Applied Arts  Highschool (www.suvba.eu) in Bratislava,  Slovakia  early this year.  It is the  semstral work of the students of Wood  design department under the management of Mr. Martin Hartinik and his dedicated staff.  Mr. Samuel Rihák, the head of product design team of iLumtech and his staff supported  LED lightsources, components and design council troughout the semester. And the result is simply fabulous.  Students delivered great ideas,  fine craftsmanship and fully transformed the standard production luminaires into luxurious and stylish design objects. We are proud we could support such creative team of perspective young designers in gaining skill and experience with lighting fixtures designs.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApplied Arts Highschool in Bratislava

12378038_850676821722177_1079138622483106054_oCardanic LED luminaires in woden frame

20151221_131132Cardanic LED luminaires in laminated woden frame

20151221_130920Elaborate design of LED downlight group

12377636_850676568388869_1911165315945025246_oDownlight ring design

20151221_130816Another example of downlight upgrade by designing the ring

  20151221_130940Adlustable wooden ring on a downlight

20151221_131208Decorative lighting object

12371207_849421035181089_1109856249028252963_oManufacturing process of the decorative lighting object

12363131_849421055181087_4820000107241966455_oHand crafting of the decorative lighting object



Photos by Ms. Lucia Šúpolová, ŠÚV website and author.


With holidays over, let us sum up the stories of a  succesfull year for the design team.  2015 brought up many challenges.  While transforming from the original  OMS Lighting R&D, we have succesfully morfed into a versatile team working on various OEM projects with challenging deadlines.

In sync with other respective iLumtech R&D teams, we designed more than 10 LED streetlights for various clients, some of them already in early stages of production. We consulted on projects reaching from illumination of train cabin to an innovative illumination concept for heavy machinery.  We designed exhibition stands and miniaturized mock ups.

We were very succesfull in design competitons this year. We have been honoured with design award for the Spiker LED luminaire in the National Design Award 2015 competition.  iLumtech design team also attended the Design Forum 2015  design show in Nitra, Slovakia.  This collaboration later opened up even bigger  and more exciting form of cooperation with the  Art Highschool in Bratislava.  Support  and motivation of young design talents will be our ongoing mission in the future as well.

In the end let me thank all our clients, partners and  supporters of  this blog. We will continue reporting on developments in and around iLumtech Design Team.  We are looking forward to have you following us troughout 2016.

Sincerely  yours

iLumtech Design Team

05Designer Mr. Anton Zetocha recieving award

12195058_830016007121592_2327756529656700377_oWorkshop at the Applied Art Highschool in Bratislava

043 Multilens streetlight by iLumtech designer Ms. Patricia Verdeguer

detail - metal surfaceiLumtech Infinitas LED Module design

IMG_5554Cardanic Spotlight designed in cooperation with students

9893cd96-b1cc-43bb-8526-9fae57a48e46-mediumDesign of mock up for streetlight presentations

20150918_142949  Design of shop window decoration



Photos by iLumtech Design Team, Slovak Design Centre, Ms. Lucia Šúpolová,

Ms. Gabriela Neshodová

Building up on our previous experience in mock-up construction, the design team was asked again by our lighting project partner Smart Lighting Engineering (SLE) to create interactive custom made mock-up of a city. Once again we had the opportunity to team up with talented SLE engineers and we created several concepts representing city enviroments. The goal was to create an interactive presentation model that in its physical form would be more apalling than a computer presentation, when talking about street lighting and management systems. The physical model was first designed in as a 3D computer model, then transformed into a cardboard mock-up to speed up the testing phase and allow quick modificatons of the concept. Finally the presentation mock-up was build by a contracted modeller from Czech Republic under close supervision. The SLE engineering team then moved in and installed a unique Lighting Management System  application into the mock-up, for remote controll via tablet or smartphone. This interactive concept of presentation prooves ideal for showing real-time comparisons of lighting applications while adressing an audience on a trade fair.

21Conceptual 3D computer model

DSCF6527Cardboard testing model

DSCF6529Cardboard testing model

20151013_200020 Insides of the final presentation mock-up

20151014_104901Presentation on trade fair20151014_111700Presentation on trade fair

9893cd96-b1cc-43bb-8526-9fae57a48e46-medium    Presentation on trade fair

20151014_102009Presentation on trade fair


Photos by SLE team and author


This week we had a fascinating visit by young aspiring designers, students of Industrial design department of  Applied Arts Highschool in Bratislava (www.suvba.eu). The students got a glimpse about how a luminaire gets createted, manufactured and assebmblied on the production line. The visit comprised of  presentation of design process at  iLumtech and visit to the manufacturing plant of OMS Lighting. In production halls students were confronted with the latest automated production processes like welding robots, laser cutters,  automated wiring robots and the huge and hot painting line machines. In the technological centre of iLumtech we showed samples of lighting technology evolution from fluorescent, LED and OLEDs. Discussing trends in design, the students got a great insight about current status and future of lighting. We are very proud of such creative students. We certainly hope that such vsits  will drive their creativity and knowledge further.   We are looking forward to cooperate on student design projects and student interships programmes.


DSC_3297Introduction in the showroom

DSC_3314Showing the anatomy of a line LED luminaire

DSC_3306Discussion with students in the Showroom

DSC_3308Professor Matrin Hartinik (l) and Samuel Rihak in discussion.

DSC_3321Showing a basic mock up of LED luminaire as a base for the later design process

DSC_3323Discussion in the Design office  of iLumtech

DSC_3325Showing a 3D printed mock up in the Design Office

DSC_3319The Créme de la Créme of the tour:  visiting the automated production lines

Photos by Mgr. Lucia Šúpolova

(thank you)